Red Lace and the Red Man

Outside my window, the colors of winter have settled upon the land. The sky is grey and threatens more rain, the fields are tan and lifeless from the heavy frost we had last week. January is a restless month; it’s too miserable to  stay outside much longer than to walk the dog and yet, finding things to keep one occupied indoors is a challenge. On this blustery, wintry day, I crochet and watch movies.

burgundy-lace-003-small.jpg Here’s a sneek peek at my latest project. No, not the tomato seed catalog, although there has been ordering and planting of seeds. The project involves Knit Picks ‘Gloss’ fingering weight yarn. I love this yarn. My only complaint is that the color selection of this line is rather minimal. The yarn itself is easy to work with and produces a soft fabric. Oh, and it frogs relatively easy. There has been much frogging until I was finally able to come up with a stitch pattern I was satisfied with.  

Since it made it’s way into the picture, a bit of history about the footstool is in order. One day, my better half brings home the stool and matching rocker  that he’d found curbside in front of someone’s house. The rocker, which was given to our daughter, was of the mission style, with a needlepoint-covered seat. The footstool has the same needlepoint cover. It’s old and rather battered but I cherish it nonetheless and cannot bring myself to part with it or even give it a makeover. It serves me well.

Our local libraries are a treasure-trove for movie hounds like us. One selection in the current batch we brought home is ‘Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee’, an HBO TV movie starring Aiden Quinn and Adam Beach. I’ve always been sympathetic to the plight of the Red Man and the unfair treatment they received at the hand of the government and settlers moving onto their lands. I admire the reverence Native Americans had for their land and the wisdom of their chiefs. The brutality with which they were dealt with is shameful and is the theme of this movie. It was a good movie and I recommend it. In spite of the sadness, the history should be remembered.

Now my tummy says it’s suppertime….it looks like baked potato weather and so it shall be, with lots of butter and cheese 🙂


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