I Won a Cookbook!

Okay, so it’s not crochet related, but worth mentioning anyway…..because my other passion, besides crochet, is cooking. And since it’s been 500 degrees for the last 5 months, there’s not been much fiber handling going on here at the cottage. So, I’m browsing around looking for interesting food/recipe blogs (for when the temps moderate enough that I can stand to cook indoors again) when I stumbled on Rachel’s blog, The Crispy Cook-Living Gluten-Free. Whether you’re avoiding gluten or not, she’s got some droolicious-looking recipes to share!

The cookbook I won is called ‘Light & Spicy’ by Barbara Gibbons. Rachel has included the recipe for Canary Island Mojo Sauce from the cookbook….it’s what caught my attention and prompted me to enter her giveaway. I’d completely forgotten about it, what with preparing to dodge hurricanes & all. Her email telling me I’d won just made my day!

Visit Rachel’s blog (don’t miss this month’s cookbook giveaway!) @ The Crispy Cook.


One response to “I Won a Cookbook!

  1. Congrats on your win. And thanks for visiting my site.

    Are you watching Ike? We sure are. My husband Jim is TX born and bred. I’m from well out of state but have been here 5 years now.

    Hope your hurricane kit is current. http://www.cookingwithdee.net, Dee

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