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Town and Country Tote

My latest bag design…..a sassy little tote for city girls or country girls. These totes are made in one piece, so they’re easy peasy. And, depending on the choice of yarn, they can be made extra dressy or laid-back casual. The bag shown in unlined (I don’t have the patience) but would be simple to do so.

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Tahiti Tote

Crochet has been showing up alot lately in stores. One of the current trends I’ve noticed are crochet purses and totes. I love the look and the added texture adds lots of interest.

My latest design is a handy tote that’s small enough to be manageable while offering plenty of room for the essentials like keys, phone, lipstick and wallet. While the purse shape is relatively simple, the colors and stitch pattern kick the design up a notch to become a sassy fashion statement. It’s a quick project that can be completed in 8 hours or less and requires intermediate crochet skills. You can create totes to match different outfits simply by changing the colors…the possibilities are endless.

I named it ‘Tahiti Tote’ because it reminds me of summer breezes and tropical beaches. The finished size is 9 1/2″ x 9 1/2″. The pattern is for sale at my shop, Crochet Cottage.

Introducing the Loxodrome Hat

As I was saying…….

LOL, I told you I was going to be busy. I didn’t expect to be so busy that I didn’t post for over a month! But a farm in the springtime can be a busy, busy place. During my silent interim here, I’ve canned 37 pints and frozen 2 gallon bags of snap beans and frozen 2 gallons of yellow squash. The tomatoes are beginning to ripen, but we eat them so fast there’s not enough left to can, although I’ve promised DH at least a few cans of salsa. I expect the okra will be the next to be harvested and canned/frozen, followed by the corn. And when that happens, you won’t hear from me again for awhile šŸ™‚

BUT…..there has been crochet!! I did manage to design this hat during those rare times when I wasn’t picking beans or canning or dead asleep from sheer exhaustion. I’m proud to introduce the Loxodrome Hat.

Ā A loxodrome is a spherical spiral and what better way to translate that than into a hat. The pattern is easy enough for a beginning crocheter and produces a whirling (heh) fashion accessory.

I’ve several more ideas waiting to be worked up as time permits. There’s a bag on one hook and a baby cardi on another. All I need is more time……….

Diamond Trail Scarf Pattern

diamond-trail-wm2-small.jpgĀ My latest design project is a pattern for a one-skein scarf that’s easy enough for beginning crocheters.

The model was made using Caron Simply Soft in Country Blue. Gauge isn’t critical for this pattern, but I wanted something with good stitch definition and CSS fit the bill.

The pattern is for sale at Crochet Cottage.

Ziggy Lace Scarf Pattern

lace-scarf-wm2.jpgĀ Ā Ā Ā  lace-scarf-wm1.jpgĀ 

Ā The projects I most admire in knitting are theĀ delicate scarves and wraps worked in lace and fingering weight yarns. Sadly, there aren’t many comparable patterns in crochet. I’m not sure why that is but, hopefully, more crocheters will be inspired to experiment with designs in these lighter-weight yarns.

In the meantime, this is my firstĀ (humble) design attemptĀ using lace weight yarn. Technically, the pattern would call for fingering weight as I used lace weight doubled. The yarn I used in my project is Knitpicks Shadow in Lost Lake Heather colorway.Ā I have nothing but praise for the yarn….it’s a breeze to work with and the scarf is delicate and soft. I just might keep it for myself šŸ™‚

Be forewarned, the pattern hasn’t been tested, so if you run into a problem, let me know.

Ziggy Lace Scarf

Materials used: size H hook, approximately 440 yds. Knit Picks’ Shadow.

Finished size: approximately 4 1/2″ x 57″.

[ETA: IĀ used the lace weight yarn doubledĀ for this project. You could substitute with 220 yds. of fingering weight yarn instead.]

Ch. 25.

Row 1) 2 dc in 4th ch from the hook, ch 1, sk 2 ch, sc in next ch, (ch 2, sk 2 ch, 3 dc in next ch, ch 1, sk 2 chs, sc in next ch) 3 times, ending with sc in last ch. Ch 3, turn.

Row 2) 2 dc in same st as turning ch, ch 1, sk 2 dc, sc in next dc, (ch 2, 3 dc in next sc, ch 2, sk 2 dc, sc in next dc) 3 times, ending with sc in top of turning ch. Ch 3, turn.

Row 3) 2 dc in same stitch as turning ch, ch 1, sk 2 dc, sc in next dc, (ch 2, 3 dc in next sc, ch 1, sk 2 dc, sc in next dc) 3 times, ending with sc in top of turning ch.

Repeat rows 2 and 3 to desired length.

Eyelet Stroller Blanket

eyelet-stroller-wm1.jpgI’ve always loved the delicate look of eyelet. I’m proud of the way this one turned out, it’s simple yet elegant and easy enough for a beginning crocheter to make. It would make aĀ ideal baby shower gift. The pattern is available in my etsy shop here.

Crossover Scarf

crossover-scarf-018-small.jpgI must admit I had a bit of trouble naming it. But theĀ Crossover Scarf pattern is now for sale in my Etsy shop. As I wrote in this description, it’s an easy pattern that gives lots of texture.

You can find the listing here

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