Storybook Moon

crescent-moon.jpg I love the crescent-shaped moon. It reminds me of the illustrations in the books of my childhood and that’s why I call it ‘the storybook moon’. It’s a beautiful end to a beautiful day. In spite of our brutal summers, our winters on the Texas gulf coast are short and relatively mild. But today was downright Spring-like. It was a day for pruning roses and buying tomato plants at the garden center and cleaning winter’s debris from the flower beds and grilling chicken and making potato salad. But I know I mustn’t get too anxious because I’m sure winter isn’t ready to leave completely…..not just yet. Still, it was a day for being outdoors and soaking up some Vitamin D 🙂

I’m anxiously awaiting an order from Elann for Peruvian Highland Wool in Celadon, Mallard, Chestnut, Spiced Wine and Harvest Heather. The anticipation’s killing me. Like I don’t have piles of yarn already. It’s an addiction I tell ya……a serious addiction.

Yesterday was special….my sweetie turned 62. The man at the Social Security office told him ‘Congratulations’ when we’d completed the application process. We’re so looking forward to indulging in the things we enjoy most; traveling & visiting museums (him) and botanical gardens (me), camping & fishing. It’s a nice reward after years of hard work.

As Tasha Tudor would say, ‘Take joy’. Have a great weekend.


One response to “Storybook Moon

  1. Happy birthday to you husband!
    I personally look forwards to full moons. There’s not a lot of artificial lights around the outside of the house, which wouldn’t be a problem except the only way to get to the downstairs is via a rock/concrete path outside. The moonlight is really a luxury when I’m trying to get from one level of the house to the other.

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