I Got An Award!

ymmd.jpg Laura, of A Whole Load of Crafts, gave me this nifty award….and made my day! It’s encouraging to know that others find this little blog of interest, which is what I hoped it would be. Thank you to everyone who visits here.

The rules of the award are as follows:

“Give the award to up to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel so happy about blogland! Beware! You may get the award several times!” 
So I’m passing this award to the following bloggers that make my day:

Faye at Crochet by Faye                                        Marty at Not Your Granny’s Crochet

Megan at Loop-De-Doo                                          Kim at WIPs ‘N Chains 

Vashti at Designing Vashti                                      Alice at Future Girl

Drenka at Drenka’s Crochet                                   Heather at From Heather’s Hook


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