Doing My Civic Duty

Yep. I got a jury summons. I’m to report Monday @ 11:15 a.m. I know we’re supposed to be glad to do our civic duty and thankful that we have such a court system, etc. etc. I just always get a sense of dread when I’m called, fearing I’ll get stuck on some trial that lasts for 2 weeks. I’ve been lucky so far; the first time I was called I didn’t get picked and was released. The second time was a funny situation……the attorneys & potential jurors were all seated in a room awaiting the judge to make his appearance. A deputy came into the room looking for the defendant……he had a warrant for his arrest!! Needless to say, all jurors had to be dismissed as we had been ‘prejudiced’ before the trial ever started, lol.

One gripe I do have is I always get summoned during the holidays. I mean, could there be a worse possible time…..2 weeks before Christmas?? I still have shopping and baking to do!!

Anyway, what does any of this have to do with crochet, you ask? Well, don’t laugh, but I called the courthouse to ask if I could bring my crochet hook into the courtroom. Seriously! The clerk sorta laughed and said ‘no ma’am, they want you to pay attention to the trial’. I told her I was perfectly capable of crocheting and listening at the same time, I do it all the time in front of the TV and still manage to figure out whodunit. I was just wondering if a crochet hook was considered a weapon under Homeland Security rules and, therefore, forbidden. She said it wasn’t forbidden and I could try….I absolutely intend to do just that. Hopefully, (please!) my Knitpicks order will be here tomorrow and I’ll at least have some new yarn to work with.

So if you don’t hear from me for a few days you’ll know I wasn’t so lucky this time. Oh well, maybe I’ll make a Jury Scarf…maybe something with 12 shells per row. 😀


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