The Love Afghan

Love….as in it’s made with love for my oldest grandson, and Love….as in the Beatles Love album cover which is that same grandson’s favorite. He’s a huge Beatle’s fan.


I offered to make him an afghan and he suggested this album cover as inspiration. I decided against a graph ghan, hoping to have something finished before he gets married and has his first child (he’s 12, lol). I made a couple of swatches for his consideration; a  granny square or a solid block, each using the colors of the album cover. I preferred the granny square, he preferred the solid block. So here’s where we’re at….

beatles-love-afghan-002-small.jpg  beatles-love-afghan-003-small.jpg It’s simply a solid block using the colors of the album cover. I’ve still got a couple rows of that final color to finish. But, to me, it needs something make it pop, to jazz it up somehow…..and I’m stumped as to how to do that. I’ve played with weaving the different colors around each band for accent, which is okay, but I still wish I could think of something more ‘unique?’. This is going to take some pondering..

Grandson The Younger (10) is into Harleys, like his Dad. His afghan is next on the project list. His colors are black. And grey. With a touch of red. Oh boy.


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