The Harmony of Stitch and Color

diagonal-boxstitch-005-small.jpg diagbox-relief.jpg diagbox-relief2.jpg This morning, I’d laid my work down to walk to the kitchen for a cup of coffee and, as I was walking back into the living room, the light from the windows cast just the right angle of light to show the full dimensional effect of the stitches in conjunction to the color bands. Along with the bands of color created by the SWS yarn, the diagonal box stitch created bands of ridges, only visible from certain angles. And from different angles, the appearance changes to reveal a basketweave effect.

This is what makes crochet exciting…..when color and stitch combine to produce unexpected results that surprise and delight!

diagbox-scarf.jpg Paton’s SWS, Natural Earth, 2 skeins. J hook. Diagonal Box Stitch. Finished size 3 1/2″ x 63″.


2 responses to “The Harmony of Stitch and Color

  1. Wow, you picked a great stitch pattern for that yarn. I love it when something turns out so well.

  2. Thank you Laura. That was my first diagonal project so it was a surprise to me, but a pleasant one. Box stitch is so cool.

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