Diagonal Box Stitch

The post on this blog that gets the highest number of hits is this one about the box stitch. There is also a lot of traffic referred here from Google from searches for ‘diagonal box stitch’, so I though I’d write about that today. Now, I know in the original post I wrote that the best yarn to use for box stitch is a smooth, shiny (as opposed to fuzzy or bulky) one. Well, that applies to solid-colored yarns. Today, I’m going to show how box stitch gets jazzed by being done on the diagonal with self-striping yarns.

The pictures below are two swatches of self-striping yarn; the first is Paton’s SWS in Natural Earth, the second is Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn in Autumn Stripe (not sure about that colorway, have thrown away the band). Both are worsted weight.

diagonal-boxstitch-003-small.jpg  diagonal-boxstitch-004-small.jpg Box stitch, diagonal or straight, reminds me alot of  the entrelac technique….box stitch being much easier to my mind. But from these pics, it’s easy to see how self-striping yarns lend themselves well to the diagonal box stitch. With the SWS, the gradation is a bit more subtle, with the ILTY it’s more pronounced.

Let me pause here to say that, although the ILTY is a che…..er, inexpensive yarn, it’s quite impressive for the price. It’s very soft and, as you can see, it has the longer color runs usually found in the more expensive yarns but lacking in most common acrylic yarns. I’m thinking it would make an impressive (and inexpensive) afghan.

Okay, back to the box stitch. You can find a tutorial for the diagonal version @ Crochet Cabana, the link’s over there in the sidebar. Sandra does a fabulous job of adding pics with each step, for those of us who might need visual aids, lol.  

Now, just for fun, the pics below are showing the same yarns done in different stitches and how the fabric is effected by color and stitch. The first one is ILTY done in granite/seed stitch and the second one is SWS in a single crochet shell (sc, ch-1, sc). Totally different results from the same yarns.

i-love-this-yarn-granite-stitch.jpg  straight-sc-sws.jpg

Next time/if you decide to buy self-striping yarns, try experimenting with different stitches for different effects. The results can be remarkably different.

In other news, it’s a cold, blustery day here at the cottage. We had a nice, quiet Thanksgiving and have been hibernating since then. The flounder have been running and DH has had a bit of luck catching some, so the other day I made a pot of gumbo with some of the flounder and some shrimp I’d put in the freezer. Perfect cold-weather comfort food! For now, I’m off to finish that SWS scarf. TTFN.


3 responses to “Diagonal Box Stitch

  1. Thank you 🙂

  2. Carolanne Perez

    I have a ?. My daughter wants to to make her shawl using this pattern. I know the yarn I am going to useLion Brands Microspun and do it in black on Circular knitting needles #6. I know the size she wants her shawl and it is 18″ by 50-60″. Not sure how long she really wants it. Is there some way I can figure out how much yarn I will need for her shawl?

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