Thankful for Enough

This being Thanksgiving week and things starting to get a little hectic, I thought I’d write about things I’m thankful for. I’d originally started to list the usual things that most of us include in our list….family, friends, home, good food, etc. But halfway through my post, it occurred to me that there’s one thing that I’m most grateful for, that’s more meaningful than everything else.

I may not eat the finest food, but I’m never hungry. I live in a wee, small cottage, but it’s warm and secure and filled with love. My car is almost old enough to be considered a classic (love my Jeeper!) but it’s never left me stranded and still looks good. I have a limited amount of clothes, but they’re fashionable and serve their intended purpose.

In other words, I have enough. The needs that this mortal, fleshly body requires to survive are always sufficiently met by my heavenly Father, to whom I give my thanks. Yes, there are blessings above and beyond the necessities. And for those things, I am grateful. But I am most thankful that I always have just enough, because I know that, somewhere in the world, there are others that do not have enough. There are people who are hungry or homeless or afraid or sick or alone or who have no opportunities nor hope.

Here’s wishing that you, dear reader, have just enough and remember those that do not. Happy Thanksgiving.


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