Still working

The drawback to having a blog is feeling obligated to post on a regular basis. And sometimes that presents a problem, like when life gets in the way or, for a specific-themed blog such as this, you just haven’t done anything interesting enough to show or talk about. In my case, it’s trying to finish a project……any project! But I am working.

I’m finalizing a scarf pattern and trying to finish a baby blanket, also from a new pattern I’ve written. Distraction, as usual, is my foe. I couldn’t resist starting a sweater project, which is naturally taking time away from finishing my pattern projects.

In other cottage news, I finally managed to get a few fall crops planted; spinach, turnips, carrots, collards. I’m hoping there’s just enough warmth in the soil to germinate the seeds since we planted so late, even by Texas standards.

A good friend just told us that he’s expecting his first batch of deer sausage from the processor any day now. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Last year he gave us some of the best sausage I’ve ever tasted and we’re hoping this year’s bounty is just as good. We give him fresh yard eggs and as much garden produce as he wants in exchange.

It’s back to work to hopefully have the patterns ready to put in the Etsy shop tomorrow and share the pics here. TTFN. 


3 responses to “Still working

  1. I find it difficult to make regular entries on my blog too. I rarely post about anything more than what I’m currently making, so it gets a bit old when the posts are all showing an inch more knitting on yet anther pair of socks! 😆

  2. LOL, you’re right about that, PaSii. I have a ripple afghan that falls into that category…another inch…..yet another inch. Boring. I must say, though, your socks are cool and I LOVE! your felted slippers. They turned out so cute.

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