Operation Helmet Liners

helmetliner.jpgThis charity project is highlighted in the latest newletter from Lion Brand Yarn. The project has been around for a couple of years, originating in 2005 by Linda Swinford. The project website offers patterns for crochet or knit versions, in PDF or WORD formats. This is an easy and heartfelt way to show your support of American troops serving abroad.

Be certain to read the instructions and fiber/color requirements carefully.

***IMPORTANT NOTE: It is important to remember that, although it is more costly, wool will not melt in fire, as does acrylic yarn. Considering the conditions our troops are dealing with in the Middle East, this is a critical factor. Please, do not substitute with acrylic yarn.

Update 8/4/08—-In the comments section below, Darlene has brought it to our attention that crochet liners are no longer acceptable. According to the link in her 2nd comment, Linda Swinford indicates that the crochet pattern has been dropped from her site because the troops prefer the knitted version for a better field of vision.

I’ve decided to change the link below to another site that has the crochet version. However, crocheters might want to consider what Linda says about the field of vision issue and use the pattern only as a guide, possibly modifying the pattern for a better result. If anyone is able to come up with a more acceptable pattern for the crochet version, I’d appreciate a comment here letting us know.

Bottom line, we want to do what’s best for our troops to ensure their safety and comfort to the best of our abilities. And thank you, Darlene, for bringing this to our attention.

Pattern: Operation Helmet Liners

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9 responses to “Operation Helmet Liners

  1. Thanks bunches for posting this! I’m going to try and work some in…. my guy isn’t in a cold zone… but somebodies child is… and needs a helmet liner!

  2. Lea, I’m so glad you’re inspired by the post. I don’t have anyone in the military, but as a mother, it’s hard to think of anyone’s child being cold. I consider these liners as a small token of my appreciation for their service.

  3. Is there a photo of a crocheted helmet liner? I just learned of this project and plan to do some.

  4. Ronda, there isn’t a picture of a crocheted version (the one in the post is knitted) on the pattern website, but if you do a search for ‘crocheted helmetliner’, you should be able to find pics of ones that people have done in crochet. Hope that helps 🙂

  5. Knitters and crocheters: Online surfing brings this new information: Olive Drab is out as it apparently does not match the new uniform colors.

    Crocheting the helmets is out because the fit of the knitted helmets is better. Crocheted scarves are really needed though in any non-curling pattern, no holes big enough to put your little finger through them, no fringe or scallops. Soft worsted or bulky for scarves in lambs’ wool, alpaca and or cashmere. No stockinette stitch which curls. Colors in black, charcoal, brown and tan or blends of these colors.

    The neck of the helmet liners should be six inches not the four some patterns call for. Desert tan for the Marines is preferred and I know that that is a hard color to find in shops and we all know black is hard to knit. I’ve finished an olive drab liner with a four inch neck, done one with a six inch neck in another olive color and started a third in same color. What to do now I wonder? Then superwash wool would be better still so that the soldiers would not have to worry about their liners felting while washing them. My wool has been feltable as that was all I could easily find available in stores. Cascade does have the wool and colors available online. Their Cascade 220 Superwash wool is: Tan 873; Black 815; Charcoal 816; and Brown 872. Regular wool from Cascade 220: Tan 1208; Black 8555; Charcoal 8400; and Brown 7822.

  6. I’ve not been able to find any references online as to crocheted liners being unacceptable or that knit ones fit better. I do notice, however, that the crochet pattern has been removed from the site I had originally linked. Therefore, I am changing the link to one that shows the crochet version. If fit is an issue, it’s simply a matter of modifying the pattern for a better fit.

  7. Five posts down and written by Mellie on the following forum page provides more information on the topic.


  8. Hi,

    I’ve just completed a crocheted helmetliner. You can check out my blog if you’re still interested.


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