Ravelry and the Harvest Moon

I must say, Ravelry was worth the wait. And it’s bloody genius. But I do have one complaint. I can’t get any work done, for wandering around looking at everybody’s projects!! Incredible stuff. And the yarn porn is to die for, lemme tell ya. Overall, it’s really great fun, visiting with other stitchers and seeing what everyone’s making.

In other news, the cooler weather has me energized and feeling 10 years younger. We woke to 46° temps Wednesday morning and by Texas standards, that’s darned chilly. I’m trying to prod the Mr. into tilling the garden for a few fall crops. I’ve actually done some weeding in the flower beds that haven’t been touched since April. And I’m getting the urge to bake again…..probably start with some nice apple muffins for breakfasts.

Oh! And did you see that harvest moon the past few nights?? It was so bright you could go for a walk and not run into a tree. Magnificent! The Mr. said when he was a youngster, his Mother wouldn’t allow the kids to sleep with the shades open under a full moon, believing that it would make you go crazy. I’ve always loved sleeping with the moon shining in the window. And I’m not the least bit crazy 🙂 

I did manage to add another skein to the basketweave afghan. One more skein and I’m done. I’m trying to control myself not to start another project until I’ve finished at least the 3(!) afghans I have ongoing now. Or to buy anymore yarn. But I have to tell you, Ravelry isn’t helping things in the least.


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