Summer to Winter in 20 Seconds Flat

cold-front-002-small.jpgRemember that cold front I talked about in my last post? Well, there it is, just minutes before it arrived. And no kidding, the temperature dropped at least 30 degrees in 20 seconds! I always keep my eye on those kind of clouds because you never know what they’ll generate, especially with a temperature differential like that.

cold-front-001-small.jpgSee those wavy looking clouds? That’s an indicator of some seriously gusty winds. And let me tell ya, they didn’t disappoint.

cold-front-small.jpgThis pic was taken from my window. It blew so hard, so suddenly, Pepper the Dog was about to have a nervous breakdown trying to get in the front door. He’s contendly sleeping on the kitchen floor now. And I’m about to go have a cupa Texas Pecan coffee and work on some crochet 🙂 


3 responses to “Summer to Winter in 20 Seconds Flat

  1. where exactly are you in texas? i live in san angelo, which is kinda west/central texas. the weather dropped here as well and the wind is very strong here too. my flower bed is covered in trash! i read a book not to long back titled “the gardners weather bible” and it talked about all kinds of ways to predict the weather. it was a really neat book.

  2. Hi lilmommacass! I live between Houston and Galveston, down on the coast. We’ve always enjoyed ‘weather watching’ and have learned lots just from simple observation. Like how the wasps will start swarming the house about 3 days before a cold front comes in. I just had no idea it would be such a serious one this early in the year. Brr!

  3. i never heard about the wasps thing but that is good to know! have you ever heard of telling the temperture by cricket chirps? there is some weird formula you use which i can’t remember, something like count the chirps for 30 secs or something and multiply by 8–thats not right but something along those lines…its suppose to be accurate. i just think its so bizarre!

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