Hints of Autumn

autumn-flowers-006-small.jpgautumn-flowers-004-small.jpgautumn-002-small.jpgThe signs of Autumn are there…..the changing angle of the sun coming through the window, leaves beginning to fall, and the autumn flowers are now in bloom. From left to right: Obedient Plant, Fall Sunflowers and, most magnificent of all, Confederate Rose….which isn’t really a rose, but actually a hibiscus. So, in spite of the temperature currently being 84° and having to reluctantly turn the A/C on again (after a teaser cool front), I know Autumn is almost here to stay, banishing summer ’07 into history.

And I am soooo ready! Having lived here on the Gulf Coast all my life, I know the cool weather doesn’t really begin in earnest until Halloween-ish. Even then, I remember spending Thanksgivings past wearing shorts. Here’s hoping not this year. In fact, I’m doing all I can to entice Autumn to stay. Today, I made a pot of chili. It’s 84 sweaty degrees & I’m cooking chili. Is that desperate or what?

 autumn-008-small.jpg And yes, those are beans in my chili. To all you chili purists out there, I make no apologies. We like the beans in the chili. We’re native Texans, born & raised, and have always eaten our chili with beans. So there.

autumn-007-small.jpgOh, and there has been crocheting. What is it, you ask? Why, it’s the birth of a wrap done in the rich colors of Autumn…when Summer is reluctant to leave but Winter says it must.


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