Really BIG Crochet….not

Twinkle by Wenlan Open Crochet CardiganBig, chunky crochet is sizzlin’ hot on the catwalks this year and this is a great example.

**It’s been brought to my attention that this is NOT crochet, but actually knit, in spite of the title claiming ‘openwork crochet’. I’ll admit, it looks like crochet, but upon closer inspection (zoom pic on the Nordstrom site), one can clearly see that those are knit stitches. Somebody who writes copy, ahem, might do well to learn the difference. End of rant.** 

 This sweater is called Twinkle by Wenlan. I’ve not been a fan of this fad, but for some odd reason, I’m taken with this piece. Check out those buttons! I wonder where one might buy some of those?

Photo: Nordstrom


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