In A Rut

It’s what happens when you have umpteen ongoing projects. Mind you, I have lots of ideas for new projects. I just can’t bring myself to start anything new when I have bags of things that need completion.

There appears to be lots of interest in crochet stitches, as evidenced by the stats on this blog. I have ideas to show variations of stitches and yarn, but like I said, I just can’t get inspired to do that until I finish some of these other projects.

So, in lieu of nothing new to show, I’ll offer a tip: When I buy yarn for a new project, I keep the receipt, yarn, pattern (if using) and project together in one bag. That way, if I’m heading out the door to somewhere that I may have some spare time (doctor’s office, babysitting, etc), I can just grab a bag without having to sort through everything looking for the project supplies. Of course, if you’re like me and have a gazillion unfinished projects, you’ll have a gazillion bags laying about. All the more reason to go finish the old before starting the new 😉 


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