Box Stitch aka Crazy Shell Stitch

ph-003-small.jpgOne of my favorite stitches is the box stitch. It’s a variation of the shell stitch but with a dramatically different result. In my experience, it’s used best with a shiny, smooth yarn that shows it’s definition most effectively. For baby afghans, I like to use acrylic yarns for the ease of care (machine washable) and Caron Simply Soft has been my favorite.

Crochet Cabana has the best tutorial (with pictures!) on both straight row and diagonal row box stitch. Visit them here: Don’t be intimidated by the instructions. It’s really a quite simple stitch.

If you’re inspired by this post, I’d love to see pictures of your project using this versatile stitch.


3 responses to “Box Stitch aka Crazy Shell Stitch

  1. I love this stitch. I learned how to do this within minutes. Thank you for keeping this pattern easy to read and follow.

  2. the link in this posting is broken… can someone update this link??

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