Happy Labor Day

basketweave-small.jpgA couple of teases to entice you. First, a large project in basketweave. Color kinda sucks, early morning light donchaknow. It’s actually a light sage green.

suede-and-fleece-small.jpg And second, a small project in suede and faux fleece. Sorry for blurry image…low budget camera doesn’t do close-ups well 😦 


2 responses to “Happy Labor Day

  1. Comment: I love the basketweave afghan. No instructions. I wants things free. Not really. I am really looking for the box stitch afghan. I did actually find a few patterns, however, the afghan that was given to me many years ago has 4 dc instead of the 3 dc. Any suggestions? Your basketweave caught my eye b/c I am looking for the (what I think is called a box stitch). The reason I love my afghan is b/c it is puffy on both sides and what causes that is the 4 dc go one way and the other 4 dc go another way. Blah blah blah. Your site is very interesting. Thank you Dee

  2. Dee, if you’ll look in my blogroll and click ‘Crochet Cabana’ you’ll find an excellent tutorial for doing box stitch. I don’t see why you can’t do box stitch w/ 4 dcs. In fact, you can use anything from 2 to 4 to alter the look/texture.

    I also had another post about the basketweave in which I stated that it’s not so much a pattern as a technique. Again, in the blogroll, click on ‘Crochetme’ for an excellent tutorial for doing basketweave.

    Thanks for the compliment. Have fun.

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